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A Fascinating Conundrum: The Rift Between Germany and Many of Its allies.

Europe seems to be winning its energy war with Russia. The region’s economy is stabilizing. Now many NATO, specially European (UK, Poland, even France), allies are pushing for more decisive support of Ukraine - including delivery of the very symbolic German-made Leopard 2 tanks to its troops. The idea is to win the war at a time when U.S. support for Ukraine is still clear but may dwindle due to shifting politics in Washington. An election year is coming, after all, and Republican opposition may gain momentum.

But Germany fears Russian nuclear escalation. For good reason. Not too tough to imagine President Vladimir Putin, who's increasingly frustrated with being unable to win the war, losing it. Russia's size of 6.602 million mi² dwarfs that of Ukraine's 233,090 mi². By a factor of 25,000 times, mind you. Ridiculous! The question then becomes, Is Vlad smart enough and, more importantly, sensitive or reasonable or compassionate enough, that he'll find it in himself to be a, how shall I put it, rational, no, human, just human, leader. Oh, come on, let's dream for a minute. Fascinating conundrum. Germany's in a bit of a pickle for sure.
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