Zuppardi's White Clam Pizza Puts Pepe's to Shame

Zuppardi's White Clam Pizza Puts Pepe's to Shame

Alright, there you have it. 

Don't get me wrong, the white clam at Frank Pepe Pizzeria Napoletana is a terrific pizza. 

But so is Zupp's. 

Just add a little lemon - or lots, as I do. Gotta love the lemon/white clam combo. 

The homepage of Zupp's states, "Anthony Zuppardi’s legacy lives on through his children and grandchildren who continue to operate Zuppardi’s Apizza today. Working with the same integrity as that of Dominic and Anthony, the Zuppardi family strives to provide their customers with quality New Haven-style apizza."

It's true all the way.

White Clam Delight at Zuppardi's, West Haven

Zuppardi’s White Clam classic is a white pizza prepared with shucked-to-order littleneck clams baked on fresh dough with a mixture of garlic and spices. It is a delight. You may add mozzarella; I do half the time, enjoy this little miracle both ways.

This is not to say that the white clam is the only pie worth getting at Zupp's, far from it. Actually, my favorite pie of all is a custom all-veggie treat. Try if you dare:

All red sauce, both halves ricotta cheese (no mozzarella), one half sliced fresh tomatoes and artichoke, the other half spinach and mushroom. Add a little grated cheese if you feel in the mood. That's it. Simple, quite healthy for a pizza, and delicious. 

Artichoke, Sliced Tomato, Ricotta, Spinach, Mushroom Pie at Zuppardi's

A glass of plain 'tap' water (excellent, one of their top secrets, must be coming straight from the Himalaya's) will do for me. 

Most other pies on the menu are delicious, as well. I've tried the vast majority. 

The cheese pizza will satisfy kids and adults, all the same.


Cheese Pizza, Zuppardi's, West Haven


Many are partial to The Special, a Zuppardi’s classic, and the Meatball Marinara. The original special is a red pizza topped with mozzarella, mushrooms, and Zuppardi’s homemade fennel sausage. I love it, but the two above remain my favorites.

Add a service that is always well-meaning, kind (nothing you'll find at Pepe's or even Sally's), personalized but not overbearing, and you'll find the pizzeria is worth the trip. 

Bonus: Prices are quite reasonable.


Warm Service, Zuppardi's, West Haven, CT