Modern Apizza Still Rocks!

Modern Apizza Still Rocks!

Tried some serious pies in Naples and Rome and various US cities (New York, both Brooklyn and Manhattan, Providence, Boston, LA's Mozza, etc.) and, if they tell me there's pizza on Mars, I'll fly there.

Been coming here at Modern Apizza for years. Many consider the clams casino a classic. The white clam (and varieties) in/around New Haven, CT, is a must; Pepe's, Sally's, and Zuppardi's have their own version, all quite compelling. (Please, do not discount Zuppardi's, with lemon it's amazing.)

At Modern, the Italian Bomb used to be my favorite, but these days I try to consume less meat, both for health reasons and, you know, animal lives matter. I'm no vegetarian, but if they tell me, you can eat this but you have to kill it yourself. Huh, no way, right? Life, life, life...

Anyhow, I was a bit frustrated until I came to try (on an insider's recommendation, thanks Eva) a medium-size, red both sides, one half plain with grated cheese (that red sauce is a delight and a miracle!) and the other half eggplant with mozzarella. Oh my, I didn't know eggplant could taste that good. Sublime, truly.

Service is laidback but does the job, price is quite reasonable, if not outright cheap, dress is, well, wear what you want and freaking enjoy. Tough indeed to find better pizza anywhere, and I mean it. 

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