Start Your Own Business and Rock the Universe!

Start Your Own Business and Rock the Universe!

Did you found Google?



A hundred percent of the people who started a firm that later rocked the world, well, STARTED IT.

Sure, it’s honorable to work at a company, any company.

But how about sailing on your own and flying to new heights?

Taking a chance?


Yes it is, but not much more than the prospect of getting fired or, worse(?), doing a possibly suboptimal job for the rest of your life somewhere in corporate America, I don’t care if it’s at Coca-Cola, General Electric, or some small outfit in Kansas, Texas, or California.

You don’t have a job? Then it’s a no-brainer. Why wait to be hired when you can hire yourself? Right away, right now…

Sure, there is a chance you’ll crash. So what? You’ll then be in a position to start a second venture with a unique experience.

What about the financial constraints? Not everybody has the funds necessary to launch a new venture, right? Then start small. Commit part-time if you must, although it is best to be a hundred percent engaged if you can. Scale on demand. Consider bootstrapping rather than relying on outside investors.

The risk of going bankrupt? Nobody starts a business venture thinking they may fail. How about thinking you may succeed instead? And then again, come to think of it, losing your job or vegetating in corporate America hardly qualify as enviable prospects. Actually, long-term, you’re likely much worse off. There is nothing more frustrating than living a passionless life.

Just find an angle. Maybe you have a passion and can build a business around it. Just make sure that it intersects with some need in the marketplace, and remember that the more people you'll impact, the more of a moneymaker your business may turn into. 

Just do it!

Life is too short and can get boring without a good fight.

You don’t have a passion - or any idea or niche? Then revisit your life and ROCK IT! Take a class or read a book; this can help - discover new ones. Or start a business that helps people who don’t have a passion find one so they can start a business around a passion they didn’t have. No really, if you start thinking positive, you’ll find a way. I guarantee it.

Strive for originality. The world is yours to embrace. Have fun; it all goes so fast.

Dream but don't just dream; act, take ownership and three things may start to happen faster than you think:

  1. Your life will start to matter, and not just to you, but also to the community and beyond.
  2. You can change the world for the better. We need you to do it then.
  3. You may get rich, very rich, financially and otherwise, in the process, which sure can't hurt.

Many of us enjoy the services provided by Google, Facebook, Twitter... or the venture next door.

The best start-up’s got to be… yours.

Just do it!