Veblen, Inflation, Hedges

Veblen, Inflation, Hedges

In The Theory of the Leisure Class, Thorstein Veblen develops the theory of wasteful or conspicuous consumption. He defines it as spending more money on goods than they are worth. Essentially, it's about spending to impress. 

Turns out, luxury goods can do well in inflationary times (along with land and real estate, commodities, oil and gas, metals and mining, agriculture stocks, the type of assets that rocketed during the 70's). It is a bit of a paradox, of course, but vanity can go a long way. 

Spoiler #1, Veblen was not exactly a bona fide capitalist...

Spoiler #2, the stock of Ferrari has been a standout since it went public toward the end of 2015, but RACE remains expensive at current price.

Spoiler #3, as for the car, I prefer Camry. As long as it's red...

Spoiler #4, maybe not, damn!