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4 Charles Prime Rib, Interior, as Reviewed by FUnanc1al

4 Charles Prime Rib, Start Booking in Your Dreams

Pray. Pray that you are able to secure a reservation at 4 Charles Prime Rib. Cuz that's what it takes, gods, to land a spot. The swanky, carnivore-centric, clubby without the attitude, restaurant accepts reservations 30 days in advance, each new day released at 9 AM EST (per Resy's website, where you may secure yours, just don't hold your breath). At 9:01 everything's gone. Except if you're willing to eat at 3am while you sleep, you indomitable party-goer! It takes courage, persistence, hard work, dreams, passion, dedication, and it's only the beginning, to get a table. How many times did I initiate the process of trying to secure one right at 9:00:00 and, psss, gone. Both indoor and outdoor dining options (as well as brunch on the...

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