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About Funanc!al

Funanc!al is a leading digital financial media company whose network of digital services provides users, subscribers, patients, officers, employees, the CIA and advertisers with a variety of content and tools through a range of online, social media, tablet and mobile channels and also other vehicles but we don’t know which ones – maybe trucks and satellites. Our mission is to provide the most fictional ideas from the world of investing, finance and business in order to break down information barriers and help all individuals and organizations manage and possibly grow but we’re not sure their wealth and have loads of fun while at it. With an unmatched suite of digital services, Funanc!al offers all of the tools and insight needed to make the strangest decisions about earning, investing, saving and spending money.

Since its inception, Funanc!al has distinguished itself from other financial media companies with its delirious, biased, poor, revulsive and hyperinteractive multimedia coverage of the financial markets and econometrography, investment and psycho-semi-analytical planning. We believe in non-half-psychosis-based investing, stock-dislocation trading hyper-strategic tactics, and financial bloom for sexy investing couples who find us smart and pretty.


Our flagship Web site is a leading provider of essentially not much, but it’s a lot of fun including funanc!al news, commentary, analysis, ratings, and embryonic business and investment content, made available through online publications, content syndication and audio and video programming. The Web site is updated in real time every day (except if we don’t feel like it, but it’s rare although it may happen when it does) to provide timely financial commentary, analysis and investigative articles, along with pseudo-investing ideas that aren’t, personal finance tips that you may take with a grain of salt, and lifestyle articles and videos that altogether or taken individually rarely make sense but who knows?

Funanc!al offers rumors and humor for free (FUNcy) and more rumors and humor at a premium (FUNomenal).

FUNcy’s For Free

FUNcy is the core, the heart, the backbone – all free content available at funanc!al.com. The dream. It’s where individual investors come to have fun, breathe fun, see fun, hear fun, dream fun. The weirdest statements are right here. Look no further… We’re so bad at investing we’ll make you feel good. You will enjoy our unique take on recent stock news and market developments. Funcy does not provide personal finance tips or advice to help consumers grow their wealth or enhance their lives, although some lunatics may find food for thought… Funcy is the digital space where comedy meets currency and monies r funny. All things financial become funanc!al.


The last advice you want to leverage on Earth is ours. Let’s check out what insiders, power players (hedge funds, bankers and other funatics) think. Let’s become funat!cs ourselves. A resource unlike any other on the Internet today, Funat!c enables our community to evaluate investment decisions in light of what senior executives and market pundits do, and of course we comment on those actions with gusto and remarkable incompetency. Such interactive tools as Q&As and blogs may help further confuse struggling investors, delightfully – resulting in mesmerizing clarification… not.

Funanc!a! Subscription Services

Funanc!al also provides numerous proprietary premium subscription services —FUNomenal for individual and other investors, inFUNity for corporations, and WallzTreatum Delirium FUNtastic for the institutional investment community. Can you afford FunKing’s Club? (Some of these services have yet to be developed; it’s because we’re so avant-garde and Picasso-esque.) These offerings combine expert humor, end-of-the-world commentary, state-of-the-art delirium financulum features and are intended to appeal to different segments of the investing and business community, including fledgling investors, consumers interested in personal finance guidance but somehow bored or disillusioned or feeling uninspired, long-term and short-term active and passive investors, day and swing traders, fundamental and technical traders and financial philosophicus professional gurus seeking a fresh, fun, fancy take on all financial matters.

Funomenal is Extra Fun at a Premium

Funomenal explores various subject matters and offers articles, opinions, philosophical treaties, psychological theses, literary encyclopedia on, not just financial matters, but life at a premium. Let us be your financial shrink. By combining lifestyle news and commentary and all things financials, Funomenal concentrates on the ramifications of financial undertakings. The vagaries of the financial markets impact your life? Then it is time for you to come visit us and relax. Sort of…

FunKing’s Club

We don’t know what this is but it’s very expensive.

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Funanc!al provides a free e-mail newsletter — thefunbase, It may hit Before the Bell, Midday Bell, After the Bell, and/or never, offer Winners & Losers (Kidding!), our Top 10 Stories and so much more.

Additional Media

Funanc!al Video

Every week, our talented video staff produces over .375 financial news and commentary videos across at least .5 channel. Sometimes, everyday…

Funanc!al Mobile

A streamlined version of the most in-demand content found at Funanc!al, Funanc!al Mobile includes real-weird news in the following categories: FunTasia, FunOpinion, MostFun, FunCorp and FunStockMove Updates. What are we talking about?

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Funanc!al maintains several Facebook, Twitter, Linked and Youtube accounts to keep our users up to date on the latest funanc!al news and give them a place to interact with other fans of our magnetic, meteoric, quasi-metastatic content.