Funanc!al invites you into our world!

It is our hope that over time Funanc!al will build a unique brand. Enjoy our DVD’s, shirts, caps, planes, trips, wines, cookies, and more…

  • DVDs
    1. How to use insider buys for incredible returns
    2. comedy vehicle – funanc!al sketches
  • Shirts
    1. Stocks Rock!!! Shirt
    2. FUNanc!al dollar bill laughing… shirt
    3. Investing


Fun Tasting

FUNanc!al (laughing bill above Investing)

  1. Bull Chasing a Bear Shirt
  2. Funanc!al (bill above)
  3. Think      outside the Box

Act         outside the Box (3 outs. box in box)

Invest     outside the Box

Please, visit our Merchandize section for a list of goodies available for sale.

You may also buy houses, castles and towns at a discount to fair value.