Funanc!al welcomes you.

Smile and Laugh!




A joke is a very serious thing. (Winston Churchill) Who are we to disagree? 


I laugh and joke, but I don’t get distracted easily. (Lebron James)

It is Funanc!al’s overarching goal to work very hard at entertaining you…


If you can’t make it better, you can laugh at it. (Erma Bombeck)


Funanc!al is a media and entertainment enterprise aspiring to make investors and whoever cares to visit us smile, laugh and have a good time.


Much of our content and many of our services are available at no cost.


Other parts of Funanc!al and some of the services we offer are available at a premium. It’s still all about the fun, only there is more of it available for an extra fee – pay a little more and you get more laughs, more food for thought and, in the case of corporate users, more custom content.


I’m pretty equal opportunity when it comes to issues to joke about. (Elayne Boosier)

At Funanc!al all matters financial are fair game….

Enjoy our unique breed of…


FUNcy services…


FUNomenal for investors

inFUNity for corporations

FUNtastic  for financial institutions