FUNanc!al provides education and entertainment solutions to investors, corporations, and all sorts of other people and entities. Founded in September 2014 the Company has a president, CEO, CFO, COO, CMO, CTO, analyst, assistant, researcher, a conflict resolution expert, a shrink, a trainer, and that’s just a couple of people!

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Funanc!al is an online education, media and entertainment company, not a financial advisory. We do not offer stock buy or sell recommendations.  

We are not a stock broker; we do not trade stocks on behalf of our clients. Therefore, our customers cannot place trades on www.funanc1al.com, and they will need to open an account at a brokerage, bank or other financial institution to buy or sell stocks and other financial products. Nor does Funanc!al manage mutual funds, ETF’s, or other financial products. We do not endeavor to promote any particular instrument of our own making. We may however wonder about the pros and cons of investing in a particular stock or vehicle (gold, bonds, and other instruments), but always to add insight, perspective, and occasionally have some fun.

It is also one of Funanc!al’s key objectives to, not just inform or entertain, but also educate. FUNanc!al is to become a rich online venue, a credible source of education and entertainment, and a unique brand attracting significant traffic – and advertisers – to our online property and community.

Factors that may trigger our ‘evaluation’ of a particular stock investment include major enterprise or market developments, significant insider purchases/sales, or any other parameter we feel of interest or relevance – or, occasionally, worth testing our comedic timing skills upon.

Our approach we hope will be unique in the marketplace.

Parts of Funanc!al’s content is available free of charge or upon registering (at no cost). Others are for paying subscribers only (those guys who seek extra fun…); paying subscribers pay their fee once a month or (sometimes at a discount) once a year to get access to FUNanc!al’s fee-based content. Platinum or premium services (for additional services or insight) may be offered to a subset of our clientele down the road (whenever that is).

Funanc!al may also offer our unique blend of services and expert fun to enterprises. Chief Financial Officers and other corporate executives, aren’t you lucky? Finally, a place where the stock of your employer is ‘traded lightly.’ Funanc!al believes our clients will recognize the unique value we provide; our free content will demonstrate this and prompt corporations to embrace our unique value proposition. 

The benefits derived from the use of our subscription-based material shall dwarf subscription fees and drive unique customer acquisition and retention.

We may also commercialize various products (DVDs, branded shirts, planes, jewelry, movies, software, etc.) on our property.

We are prone to consider mergers and acquisitions as a growth engine. We will acquire Facebook, Google and Disney if they really want us to do that.

Frederic Marsanne, Funanc!al’s founder, has 25+ years of experience (as of 2015) investing in large and small enterprises, growth and value plays, across all industries, in both US and non-US markets. He has a consistent record of underperforming his dream goal, i.e., doubling the value of his assets every month. 

He and the principals at FUNanc!al may be long any equities discussed at FUNanc!al. For example, Frederic is an investor in hundreds of companies (mostly public) as of the time of this writing so he may own shares of some of the firms we are discussing here for the purpose of educating or entertaining you. He or other contributors to FUNanc!al will systematically disclose the existence at the time of writing of a long or short position (including stocks, options or other instruments) in any equity mentioned in our article. Further, we never write about a stock with the intention to boost or reduce its price. If the author intends at the time of writing to sell or buy a stock within three days of publication of an article discussing that stock, he or she must, and will, disclose this. 

Funanc!al principals like to buy and hold. We’re investors, not traders or speculators. We do not short stocks (even if we believe they will be losers). A bear market is never perceived as the end of the world, just an opportunity to take fresh positions in undervalued or distressed assets… Purchasing a stock is not just about making money. Funanc!al officers share a passion for investing in companies, managers, concepts, processes, solutions, innovations and breakthroughs. Acquiring a security is about funding and incubating. It is at the heart of creating, believing, discovering – an engine of progress, a modern adventure, a way of getting the precious pulse of life, worldwide.




Funanc!al in Numbers 


As of 9/1/2014 Funanc!al has:

2.38 employees

$0 revenue

7 manufacturing facilities in Tahiti 

15.1 private jets but we’ve decided to give them away

Lots of hope 


We reserve the right to change any number above at our discretion potentially if you will.

Thank you for reading about us, happy investing and, most importantly, let’s have fun!