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December 18, 2015 – FUNanc!al Builds a Community Because We Don’t Want to Be Left Alone with Ourselves – Scary


December 7, 2015 – FUNanc!al CEO Agrees with COO that CFO Is Right: Before We Diversify Our Revenue Base, We Need to Get some


November 28, 2015 – FUNanc!al Commits to De-emphasizing so We Can Refocus on Retrofitting to Scale According to Plan


November 17, 2015 – FUNanc!al Has Decided to Discontinue Merger Talks with Fortune 500 Company: We’ll Buy Them Another Time


October 7, 2015 – FUNanc!al Has Hired an Assistant to the CEO, CFO and COO, Thereby Enabling the CEO to Get a Real Job


September 25, 2015 – FUNanc!al Is Taking a Suite in Kendall Square, Cambridge, MA Making It Difficult for the CFO to Continue to Wear PJ’s at Work   


August 7, 2015 – FUNanc!al Wanted to hire a CTO and a CMO so We Could Play Chess but We Don’t Have a Chess Board so We’re Not Recruiting Them 


June 15, 2015 – FUNanc!al Had Hired a Bunch of Terrific Writers – Where Are They?


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