1. The type of investments you make may depend on a number of factors (many of which are well beyond Funanc!al’s grasp) including, but not limited to:
    1. An investor’s time horizon (in particular, time to retirement),
    2. Personal wealth. A person with $10 million in net worth may not have the same investment profile or requirements as a person with a net worth of $100,000.
    3. Income levels. Individuals with yearly incomes of $50,000, $500,000 and $5 million do not share the same investment profile or needs.
    4. Other assets owned (real estate, bonds, gold, commodities, art, etc.)
    5. Risk tolerance. Not everybody can sit tight through a major correction or depression. Worse, only few of us are willing and able to invest when stocks are sharply down. The homepage of Funanc!al appropriately reminds us that, when the market is down, the opportunity to purchase quality assets at a discount is up.
    6. Willingness to study the financial statements and other traits of a company, industry, economy, etc. The more knowledgeable an investor, the better off s/he is. You may wish to know what Current Assets over Current Liabilities means (to name but one financial ratio).
    7. Many other factors.
  2. The content published as part of the Services Funanc!al provides is not investment advice. It is impersonal and thus not tailored to the investment profile or needs of any specific person (as indicated above). There is no content published as part of Funanc!al Services that constitutes a recommendation that any particular investment, security, portfolio of securities, transaction or investment strategy is suitable for any specific individual. None of the creators or providers of our Services will advise You personally concerning the nature, potential, value or suitability of any particular investment, security, portfolio of securities, transaction, investment strategy or other matter. At best, Funanc!al is a starting point for research and due diligence.
  3. Please, always exercise caution. Investment in any stock can disappoint and result in significant capital impairment or even total loss. Funanc!al is not responsible for any loss you may incur. Please, see disclaimer and terms of use for detail.
  4. Preservation of capital is critical. Funanc!al recommends diversifying. Owning a 5- (32-) stock portfolio may eliminate about 75% (99%, resp.) of the nonmarket risk of owning just one stock.
  5. Funanc!al believes investors should buy and hold. It may take years for a position to prosper. It is not unusual to buy a stock at 10, to see its price fall two years later to 3 if not 1 or below (which is when we principals at Funanc!al hope to buy), before fully recovering and rising to 50 and beyond another three to five or seven years later. Bottom fishing is a difficult and challenging endeavor, however, and there is no guarantee ever that Nicole Kidman, Sharon Stone, you or I will be able to call the bottom.
  6. Principals at Funanc!al usually seek high risk, high reward investments – but we’re so often wrong you may want to stay away from those altogether!
  7. Funanc!al recommends extra care in pursuing “penny stock” opportunities. The stock should trade above 50 cents (are we mad?), exhibit trading volumes above 100,000 shares daily, and display unique characteristics that make it a solid investment in its own right. Funanc!al will delve into these over time – in the relentless pursuit of a good laugh and, who knows, the hope of inspiring a great move whatever that means!
  8. Please, visit the Terms of Use and other sections of our Website for additional information, directions and words of caution…