Officers and staffs of the world, enjoy Funanc!al!

We  offer corporations…


which includes



·       Our version of Funomenal/Funatic/Funtastic/FunKing’s Club/thefunbase for enterprises: Get POWERFUL FUN out of stock market developments and other life-changing financial news and top stories. Some of it tailored to your stockholders and stakeholders;

·       FunChart: Fun takes on how your share is doing. Get the SCOOP ON YOUR STOCK!

·       FunIntended, a nonbreaking news service, your PRESS RELEASES REVISITED;

·       Weakly sector newsletters – maybe something’s going on in your industry? FOR THE LOVE OF RUMORS

·       The Funny ‘Ticker,’ a WORLD OF SURPRISES concocted by a research center with several days’ worth of intelligence and a proprietary database of over three jokes;

·       Our marketing and media services group produces the industry’s leading FORECASTING EVENT, The ForeCastrating Funcies, held annually where we find no space, and a series of industry webcasts and integrated marketing programs that we are planning to launch sometime in the future if the future allows us to be enabled to do so possibly at some point in time. You may or may not relate.

·       Al3rts: Get IMPROMPTU, PRIVILEGED LAUGH THERAPIES on trends, markets, stocks, etc.

·       Picks4Peaks: Get access to WEALTH-BUILDING OR WEALTH-DECONSTRUCTING IDEAS. Just remember: we have no clue what we’re talking about.

·       A constellation of Web, mobile, iPad, robotic and interstellar apps – that is, maybe…


Custom Fun for Enterprises…

InFun!ty is fun tailored to our corporate clients.

The service is powered by a clique of serial jokers, The Funanc!al FUNmilly, who offer quasi-proprietary, hyper-delirious, analyst-resistant, shrink-alternative, research and reports. We react to and comment on corporate news, strategy, M&A, your stock charts, competitive outlooks, and so much more. It/s always meant to be fun and funny, and may get your officers and staff thinking…

You can’t wait to try our services?

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